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iden +6221 2787 8099 +6221 2787 8090 Senin - Jumat 08:00 - 17:00 GKM Green Tower 10th Floor Jl. TB Simatupang Kav 89 G Jakarta Selatan
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PT Sigma Energy Compressindo Tbk or abbreviated to PT SINERCO is a service company which focuses on the compressor field to address the strategic issue of Zero Routine Flaring by combining mini gas compressor technology that has accuracy in the scope of work and economy in supporting the monetization concept of the use of gas flare combustion itself.

The concept has succeeded in providing value-added income while supporting the zero flaring program, where the party who reduced the burning of gas flare did not receive environmental sanctions, however it received environmental compensation instead. In the year of 2007, PT SINERCO succeeded in pioneering this project with one of the private K3S in Indonesia with satisfactory results.

These results made PT SINERCO trusted to be the sole agent for mini gas compressor technology in Indonesia, then the concept of using gas flare was followed by almost all private and national K3S. The initial investment of the project was started by sending the first 6 units to Indonesia.

Currently, PT SINERCO has brought in 50 units of mini gas compressors to Indonesia and plans to bring in the same type of compressor as well as other types of technology. The dynamics and the need for energy especially in the oil and gas field and the specificity of mini gas compressor makes this business development runs very long and with needs that will continue to grow. Supported by the capability of mini gas compressor as the most efficient and reliable technology which is the core strength of PT SINERCO’s business.

Other developments continue to grow as the need for mini gas compressor increases. This mini gas compressor technology can function as an increase in marginal well production, as a gas booster, as an artificial lift and as a solution to gas lock or liquid handling problems. This is due to the operating capability of the mini gas compressor that can operate under the vacuum condition. PT SINERCO offers a solution to extend the well’s production time until the maximum level of the well.


Starting from the world’s attention to carbon emission pollution which affects the presence of greenhouse effect and causes the occurrence of global warming, has encouraged the world to take action. The Oil and Gas Business is a field that draw a lot of attention and focus related to this condition. Flaring gas combustion is estimated to be a major contributor to the greenhouse effect from oil and gas exploitation activities. Based on the data from the World Bank in 2007, it is estimated that more than 150 BCM Gas is burned in the world every year and Indonesia contributed to burning more than 3 BCM of gas.

The world reacted by making the Kyoto Protocol to encourage countries that contribute to carbon emissions in the world to reduce their carbon footprint by eliminating gas flaring, the program has been continued to this day with a follow-up program better known as the Zero Routine Flaring by 2030 Initiative. Indonesia is one of the countries that signed the Kyoto Protocol with the obligation to reduce gas flaring in the domestic oil and gas industry.


To be the leader of providing monetization in the oil and gas industry by providing world-class services, trusted partner and reliable company.



  • Optimization in oil and gas production by implementing appropriate technology and methodology.
  • Sustainable improvement in HSE management to fulfill government regulations and International standards.
  • Strive to exceed the expectations of customers, employees and shareholders.